Campus Ministry

Message From Our Campus Minister


In serving as the Campus Minister here at Our Lady of the Hills Regional Catholic High School for the past eleven years I feel very blessed to be part of an exceptionally great school. I have been part of four school systems in my 29 years of teaching and OLH is the only one that truly does everything  in all aspects extremely well. Its academics are exceptional, its basis in  faith atmosphere is very strong and there is such a good genuine family spirit among the students as well as among students and staff. Service projects, the faith community prayer time at Mass is so well participated in by Catholics and non Catholics alike. Each student is encourage to take an active part as their parents and pastors permit. They are welcome to share in singing, reading, cross bearing, gift bearing, greeting and mass servers whatever their affiliation may be. Most do so. Yearly we have the "Living stations of the cross" as something all students are encourage to take leadership roles in. Service projects are part of what we encourage our student to do as a way to live out of common faith. Counselling is also available to whomever may wish to take advantage of. The Theology classes are especially beneficial. Though it is centered in what the Catholic Church teaches and believes, it is special to have ideas challenged by those of many faiths. It forces each student to think through the beliefs they have and can have healthy discussions about differences in a safe open environment. I can only believe that this is helpful in encouraging each student in their own faith. The basic goal is to be supportive of each other as we all journey toward being one in God. Whatever church a student belongs to, we want to help support them in their individual faith.

We try hard to respond to the prayer of
Jesus to his Father found in John 17:21-26: 
"that all may be one as you father in me and
I in you that all may be one in us."
If we are to share heaven together then we need to work at helping us become one. 

Father John