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Faculty and Staff

Mrs. Thérèse Schwarz

Mrs. Jeannie Hilsabeck
Director of Academics 

Mr. Chris Ramirez
Director of Student Affairs & Athletic Director

Mrs. Karen Robertson

Mrs. Mary Beth Bauer - Science Department Chair
Chemistry, Chemistry Pre-AP, Environmental Systems, AP Environmental Science, AP Biology

Ms. Ann Branton
Dr. Mary Cardenas
Spanish I, Spanish II, Spanish III

Mr. Ken Davis
Physics, Physics Pre-AP, Algebra I Pre-AP, Engineering

Ms. Maureen Driscoll - Theology Department Chair
Theology I, Theology II, Theology III
Mrs. Janet Dugart
Art, Audio/Visual Communications & Technology, Touch Systems Data Entry, Yearbook

Mrs. Lyn Gold

Mrs. Jeannie Hilsabeck - Math Department Chair
Geometry, Pre-AP, Algebra II, Algebra II Pre-AP, Precalculus Pre-AP, AP Calculus AB, AP Statistics

Mrs. Marcella Lewis
English I, AP English III, English IV, Theater

Mrs. Katie Machicek
Algebra I, Geometry

Mrs. Sterline Marcum - English Department Chair
English II, English III, English IV, College Prep, Public Speaking, One Act Play

Mr. Chris Ramirez
World Geography

Mr. Ralph Real

Mr. Ron Sprott

Mr. Paul Villa - Social Studies Department Chair
World History, Dual Credit U.S. History, Economics, Government, AP U.S. Government and Politics

Mr. Stuart Schultz
Theology III, Theology IV, U.S. History
Mrs. Judy Priour 
Registrar & Receptionist

Mr. Glenn McDorman
Facilities Director