TAPPS Academic and Fine Arts

OLH is a member of the Texas Association of Parochial and Private Schools, TAPPS, and competes in numerous academic, art, and music activities at the state level. Practices for these events are held on Friday mornings during the second and third quarters. The academic team also participates in several invitational meets prior to the state meet. All events are opent to all grades unless otherwise noted.

Academic Events
Advanced Mathematics - grades 11 and 12 only
Calculator Applications
Current Events
Duet Acting
Lincoln-Douglas Debate
Literary Criticism
Mathematics - grades 9 and 10 only
Number Sense
Original Oratory
Persuasive Speaking
Poetry Interpretation
Prose Interpretation
Ready Writing
Social Studies
Solo Acting

Art Events

  1. Drawing – Black and White Media
  2. Drawing – Color Media
  3. Communication Design 
  4. Computer Rendered Art
  5. Painting
  6. Printmaking
  7. 2D Mixed Media
  8. Photography – Black & White
  9. Photography – Color
  10. Sculpture
  11. Relief
  12. Fashion Design, Textile Arts & Jewelry Design,
  13. Applied/Industrial Design
  14. Pottery, Ceramics, and Plastic Arts
  15. Senior Portfolio
  16. On-site Drawing
  17. Art History
  18. Seek & Sketch – Black & White
  19. Seek & Sketch – Color 
  20. Short Film

Music Events
Vocal Solo

Academics and Fine Arts Forms
Parents of all students competing in academics or fine arts TAPPs events are required to login and create an account at www.RankOneSport.com. Once logged in parents need to verify and complete all information pertaining to the student, sign all compliance statements, have their students sign all compliance statements, download and complete the Medical History form and return it to school.