Hawk Athletics

Our Lady of the Hills College Prep offers a variety of opportunities to participate in athletics. Each year, roughly 80% of all students are involved in athletic programs. Our Athletic Department stands firm with our mission:

"To provide an Athletic Department that is a source of pride for our school and community, which develops the student-athlete through competition and hard work, while instilling the lifelong values of sportsmanship, leadership, respect, communication, accountability, teamwork and commitment to something greater than themselves."

Many student-athletes at Our Lady of the Hills College Prep find success not only during their high school careers but also at the collegiate level. Over the past sixteen years, numerous athletes from OLH moved on to collegiate competition.The purpose of all games is to win, out-play, and out-strategize, with more heart and more practice than the other team. Alternatively, the purpose of sports is not the trophy at the end of the season or the glory after a victory. The purpose of the athletic program at Our Lady of the Hills College Prep is to equip student athletes for their lives beyond the field, gym and court. The discipline instilled teaches us to work as a team, rely on others and grow in character as we accomplish our goals. Our coaches, practices, games, teams, and lives shall be a product of the character of Christ and represent Him and our school in turn.
Since 2004, OLH College Prep has earned eight team State Championships in TAPPS competition.
2004  State Champions 2008  State Champions 2009  State Champions 2018  State Champions 2017  State Champions
  2012  State Champions     2018  State Champions
        2019  State Champions

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