Mission and Identity

Our Mission

Our Lady of the Hills College Prep is a co-educational Catholic high school,
committed to providing a quality college preparatory education to students from all
social, ethnic, and economic backgrounds within a caring, diverse
Christian community that values the potential and dignity of every student.
Central to this purpose is our belief that every child is a child of God
and each student deserves the right to seek truth in Jesus Christ for the greater glory of God.
(The OLH Mission Inspired by the Jesuit and Dominican Charisms)

Our Philosophy 

Our Lady of the Hills College Prep is committed to providing an excellent academic, values-based education for the children of the Texas Hill Country. OLH College Prep is a Catholic community that merges Christian living with academic goals. We hold the belief that we are created to know, love, and serve God. We work to instill knowledge of moral values in each student whose behavior reflects a respect for the dignity of all God’s creation.
Our Lady of the Hills College Prep provides an educational environment that addresses the development of the whole person. The curriculum addresses a broad range of content areas across disciplines relevant to the educational and personal development of each student.

Our Catholic Identity

Practical experience in Christian living is realized in the pastoral activities program through retreats, service projects, and days of recollection, liturgies, and other forms of personal spiritual formation. All students are offered an opportunity to reflect on their spiritual life and relationship with God. The curriculum and extracurricular activities reflect the best of the Jesuit and Dominican orders and their philosophies of service to others. Our Lady of the Hills is committed to assisting students to become mature in their faith, to become critical thinkers, and challenging each student to develop his or her talents to the fullest. The theology program is academic in nature. Students are tested and graded on their ability to comprehend and assimilate information regarding doctrine, morality, Church history, and practice. Every student is required to study theology.

Students are given the opportunity to think critically, examine attitudes, challenge assumptions, and analyze motives. All of this is important if students are to make decisions with the freedom that allows them to develop a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

Veritas Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam: Truth for the Greater Glory of God