Library Media Resource Center:

The Library Media Resource Center at OLH High School supports the mission of Our Lady of the Hills by providing college preparatory academic materials and library services to meet the needs of faculty, staff, and students. Emphasis is placed on supporting students at all academic levels and on stimulating student interests and appreciation for reading, research, and learning.
The OLH Library Media Resource Center's primary mission is to support academic research through the provision of individual and classroom services to its users – the teaching faculty, administrative staff, and students and alumni of OLH High School. The Library Media Resource Center provides a quiet study area with seating for 36 at six library tables and a core collection of over 2,000 physical items in various formats including books, journals, maps, and videos. It also provides free online access to an additional 40,000 pre-1923 titles in full-text electronic format (particularly the English canon of required reading), and subscriptions to several journals and magazines appropriate for high school students and their academic needs. 

Due to space and financial constraints, the priority in building the library collection must focus on those works that will support the curriculum, particularly Advanced Placement titles, college-bound recommended reading lists or award books nationally recognized and may be freely available via the Internet online electronic formats. The collection is accessible through the library catalog system, Mandarin Solutions (MLA) a web-based online catalog of OLH holdings.  The print monograph and video materials are arranged utilizing the Dewey Decimal system to organize print and non-print resources; fiction materials are currently in alphabetical order by author. The Media Resource Center is open to students daily within a weekly schedule from 7:30 AM in the morning to 4:30 PM in the afternoons, Monday through Thursday. In addition, the Center is open 9:00 AM to 12:15 PM on Friday mornings providing supplemental attention to students working on research projects and assignments. 

NOTE: Student resources included below work best when using a Google Chrome browser.