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Hawk Dress Code

While students are expected to maintain a standard of good manners and courtesy in their behavior at OLH College Prep, they are also expected to maintain that same standard in their dress.  School uniforms are worn to unify and identify OLH College Prep students.  All uniforms should be of appropriate sizing so that the student may present a neat and modest appearance.

The only approved uniform provider is Land’s End School Uniforms. Parents will also be supporting the school as Land’s End will give back to the school a percentage of what is spent. Click on the image below for direct access: 
  • Our contracted uniform provider is Land’s End School Uniforms. All uniform items need to be purchased through this company. Please do not set up your student, or yourself, to be disappointed when they cannot wear items purchased from another brand.
  • Shirts and jackets purchased from Land’s End will come with the logo. Dress uniforms will come with the Our Lady of the Hills Crest. All other items will come with the OLH logo. Students may continue to wear official school uniform items previously purchased from Land’s End with the old logo as long as the items are still in good condition. Items purchased in previous years must still fit appropriately (i.e. skirts must be within 1 inch of the knee; shorts within 2 inches). Sweatshirts will no longer be allowed on regular school days.
  • Students are obliged to wear complete uniforms on all school days while on campus. Students found in violation of the dress code are subject to disciplinary action.  See the student handbook.
  • Uniform shirts may only have the top button unbuttoned. No undergarments that extend beyond the shirt sleeve or are visible at the neckline should be worn under the shirts. Only plain white or flesh-toned apparel may be worn under the white uniform shirt.
  • Only approved jackets and sweaters with the official OLH logo sold by Land’s End may be worn in the building. All other items must be removed and stored in lockers immediately upon entering the building. Non-approved items that are not removed and stored upon arrival will be stored in the office until a parent can arrange to pick up the item.

The only shoes that are acceptable for school are plain white athletic shoes, plain brown or black leather dress shoes, plain brown boat shoes (i.e. Sperry's), or a plain brown or black cowboy boots worn under the uniform pants. Shoes must completely enclose the foot. High-top shoes may not be worn with school dress shorts or skirts. The judgment of an appropriate shoe is determined by the administration.
Face Masks
Face masks are currently optional.
Jewelry is to be simple in style and should not be the distinguishing feature of a student’s appearance. Wrist bracelets are limited to two per arm. The wearing of hats/caps is not allowed on campus; however, on occasion when hats/caps are allowed, they must be worn in the traditional manner with the bill facing the front.
Socks must be worn and are to be plain white in any style. Socks must be easily visible unless long pants are worn. No other colors are acceptable.
Permanent or temporary tattoos including epidermal ink drawings are not allowed.

Special Occasions

Mass Days
On mass days, students should ensure all uniform items are clean and pressed. White uniform Oxford shirts must be worn these days.  Girls must wear the approved uniform skirt.  Boys must wear the approved uniform slacks.  All students are required and expected to attend the scheduled Masses as a part of their Christian Formation. Mass Days are not the time to schedule appointments, College days, etc. 
Spirit Day Dress

On most Thursdays, students may wear an official school t-shirt and blue jeans with a plain dark brown or black leather dress belt. OLH athletic sweatshirts may be worn these days. Cropped jeans, jean shorts, and denim-appearing spandex are not allowed. Jeans must be neat and hemmed. No jeans with tears, holes, rips or frays are permitted. Jeans must be fitted at the waist so that the pants' waistband is not around the student's hip area.  The

t-shirt must be tucked in so that the belt is visible.  Girls may wear their jeans tucked into fashion boots these days. Athletic shoes with plain white socks may also be worn on Spirit Dress Days with jeans.


Free Dress Days and Independent Study Days

Students should be modestly attired and covered from shoulder to knee.  Leggings may only be worn with knee-length skirts. No spandex may be worn. Free dress on independent study days must be school-appropriate. If this privilege is abused, then students will be required to wear Spirit Day Dress.


Field Trips

While students may dress appropriately for the activity, clothing should be modest, neat, and in good repair.


Other garments that should not be brought to school.

  • Shirts and khaki items that were purchased from other vendors.
  • Western-style belts or belt buckles
  • Items that depict or reference alcohol, drugs, tobacco, weapons, nudity, gang affiliation, death, violence, sexuality, vulgar or obscene language or images, and/or insults to race, religion, gender, ethnicity, or other emblems which are morally offensive to members of the school community. Double-entendres or humor relating to the above categories are also prohibited.


School Functions

Applicable dress code regulations are enforced for all school functions.


Dress Code Privileges

  • Seniors may wear their future college shirt or sweatshirt on Spirit Days (generally Thursdays) in the 4th quarter provided they have followed the dress code without correction during the first three quarters of the year.

The administration will be the ultimate judge in matters regarding dress. Violations of dress code that are not immediately correctable, may cause a student to be suspended from school until the student has met the dress code guideline.
Women are expected to be neatly dressed and well-groomed. Skirt length must be 1" above the top of the knee to 1" below the bottom of the knee. Shorts length must be no shorter than 2" above the top of the knee.

Hair must be neat, clean, properly combed, and in a moderate style. The use of style gels, creams, or hair coloring should be used in moderation. No extreme hair fashions are permitted. Subtle highlights are permitted but must be worn without extreme variation of natural hair color. Good taste in makeup, earrings, and accessories, which may include nail polish, is expected. No more than two earrings per ear are allowed on the ear. Other visible piercings are not allowed at school or at any school function.

Female School Uniform

See the link to Land’s End School Uniforms for approved items.
  • Khaki pleated skirt hemmed no more than 1 inch above the knee – required on Mass Days       
  • A short- or long-sleeved white oxford shirt with Our Lady of the Hill Crest– is required on Mass Days
  • Khaki dress slacks
  • Khaki dress shorts. The length must be within two inches of the knee.
  • A short-or long-sleeved, clean, neat OLH school shirt, tucked in (belt or skirt waist band should be visible).
  • A solid-colored plain dark brown or black leather dress belt, if wearing pants or shorts.
  • In cold weather, girls may wear black, white, navy or flesh-toned tights under their skirts.
Optional items - Navy sweater and polar fleece– all sold by Land’s End.

Males are expected to be neatly dressed, well-groomed, and clean-shaven. Sideburns shall not extend lower than the bottom of the earlobe and must be well kept. In the interest of good grooming, a student is to have neat, clean, properly combed hair of moderate length and style. The use of style gels, creams, or hair coloring should be used in moderation. Extreme haircuts of any kind, such as wedge cuts, shaving of the head, Mohawks, or any other hairstyles deemed inappropriate by the administration will not be allowed. Hair should not be cut with anything below a No.2 clipper. Hair should not extend to the eyebrows, middle of the ear, or collar. The face is to be clean-shaven. Earrings/piercings are not acceptable at school or at school functions.


Male School Uniform

See the link to Land’s End School Uniforms for approved items.

  • Khaki dress slacks– required on Mass Days
  • Short- or long-sleeved oxford shirt with Our Lady of the Hills crest– required on Mass Days
  • Khaki dress shorts. The length must be within two inches of the knee.
  • A short-or long-sleeved, clean, neat OLH school shirt, tucked in (belt should be visible).
  • A solid-colored plain dark brown or black leather dress belt.
Optional items – Navy sweater, polar fleece, and school tie – all sold by Land’s End.