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2020 Fall XC Virtual Meet

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Your virtual run can be done anywhere! 

Running on campus: Any time Friday October 9th or Saturday October 10th. Saturday starting at 8:30am Coach Stracke will have iced cold Chocolate Milk and water available for finishers, (while they last).

Running on your own: Any time Friday October 9th or Saturday October 10th. Run on your treadmill, through your neighborhood, in a state park (one of Coach Stracke's favorites), or run the river trail. Walk as a family, with friends, on your own- just get moving!

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Winners will be decided per category (staff, student, family, OLH fan)

When your run is finished, email Coach Stracke at brucejohn@cornercanyon.com by 8pm Saturday October 10th.


Email body: Your name, category (staff, student, family, OLH fan), finish time, and photo

Great photos of runners/walkers and times may be posted to Instagram @OLHXC. 

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